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Documents and Governance Information

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Southern Academy Trust is a charitable private company limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales.  It is governed at a number of levels. The Members of the Company in simple terms are the ‘owners’ of the Company. They comprise of the signatories to the Memorandum which include the current Chairman of Directors, the Chair of the Trustees of the Shaftesbury School Foundation and two Foundation (SDBE) Members comprising the SDBE corporately and one other individual appointed by the SDBE.


Directors The Directors are responsible for the governance and supervision of the Academy Trust and its committees (including the Local Governing Bodies) and executives (Headteachers). They are also Trustees of the charity with responsibility for protection of the assets of the Academy Trust. There are twelve Directors appointed in accordance with the Company Articles.

  • Mr C Brickell (Chairman) Member Appointed
  • Rev H Dawes SDBE Appointed ex officio
  • Mrs C Owen SDBE Appointed
  • Mrs S Lacey Co-opted
  • Mr A Kennard Member Appointed


Finance and Audit Committee  Revd H Dawes, Mr A Kennard

Standards Committee  Mrs C Owen, Mr C Brickell, Mrs S Lacey

Local Governing Bodies Each school in the Trust has its own Local Governing Body.  These are also committees of the Board of Directors and so report to the Board.  They have their own Terms of Reference and have the role of providing focussed governance at a local school level. See each school’s website for the details of their Local Governing Body.