The last day schools were open was Friday 20th March 2020. This is until further notice. For staff & students who are self-isolating at home, please refer to the following information on this page in regard to working at home.

IT Systems Status

Remote Working


Access your Email on Office 365.


Intranet Homepage for the Trust.


Virtual Learning Environment


Access Shared Resources and personal Document Libraries Remotely *Shaftesbury School Only*

Shaftesbury School – Student Home Work Resources

Each year group has a section on the Shaftesbury School Student SharePoint HomePage that Teachers have uploaded revision and work material to that can be accessed from any internet enabled device. To collaborate with your indivioual class, set assignments and more, please use Microsoft TeamsFor guides on how to get started with SharePoint Online, please view our Knowledge Base

Student Resources

Click here to go directly to the Student SharePoint site hosting resources for all years.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a Virtual Learning Enviroment. Assignments and Teacher/Class Communication can be done through this online application.

Team Groups have been setup for all Shaftesbury School Classes that are present in SIMS.

Team Groups have been setup for Shaftesbury Primary School Students.


Access Microsoft Teams through a web broswer (also avalible through mobile app & desktop application)


Where can I upload resources for Students to access at home?

Please upload any resources, files, images, web links etc. to each of your school’s Student SharePoint homepage sites. You can access these via the Mega Menu on the SharePoint ‘The Hub’ homepage. A guide on how to upload resources can be accessed here on our Knowledge Base: SharePoint: Introduction to SharePoint Online

I want to set assignments and get feedback from students, where can I do this?

Microsoft Teams – This is a VLE platform baked into Office 365. For Shaftesbury School, Shaftesbury Primary this has already been setup and used by some teaching staff already. For guides on how to get started with using Microsoft Teams, please visit our Knowlege Base

I haven't setup email access from home (MFA), will I not be able to access Office 365?

MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) will be disabled for users who haven’t signed up for this yet.

I want to be able to access SIMS?

The Primary School’s have hosted already, so you can access this by going to: Staff at the Secondary School will have limited access to SIMS, as this will be relying on the RDS servers, which have a limited capacity so access will be reserved for users who need to access local school services, i.e. Finance dept. and heavy SIMS administrators.

Am I able to get IT Support when at home?

Even at home, we’ll be able to provide IT support to users with issues or questions regarding remote working. The helpdesk will be live and you can email any questions/issues to: This may exclude any issues you’re having with your home PC setup itself.

I don't have any devices or internet at home

Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to provide all staff and students with a device to work on at home. With any special circumstances, reach out to us and we’ll see what we can do to help:

How can I communicate with my Teachers?

You can either use Microsoft Teams to communicate with your teacher or class group, or through Office 365 email. Teachers themselves may give you addtional information on this in the circumstances of studying for exams, etc.

Can I access my local Documents hosted in school?

Secondary School Staff and Students can access their ‘My Documents’ drive, and the ‘Shared Resources’ drive remotely using the website Foldr. The link to this:  Use the same username and password you use to login to the PCs to login to this service. Primary school staff are unable to do this, and we recommend that you upload any documents you want to be able to access remotely to OneDrive.

I don't have Office apps at home, can I get them for free?

As part of our Office 365 Subscription, students and staff are able to download the full Office apps onto their own PCs for free (up to x5 devlces per user). Please read through this Knowledge Base guide on how to install these.

Can we listen to Voicemails left on the phones in school?

Yes – The Secondary School’s phone system emails any voicemails left to a particular user to their Office 365 email inbox, which you can pick up remotely. If required, we can setup call fowarding to an external number, i.e. forward all incoming main reception calls to someone’s mobile or home phone. Contact us at if you’d like this to be arranged.

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